Lori Jordan — Queen of the Gardens

Lori Jordan — Queen of the Gardens

Chair - Building:  E.J. Burke

Mr. Fix-It :  E.J. Burke

Mr. Fix-It : E.J. Burke

Chair - Grounds:  Lori Jordan

Do you see the new paint job in Westminster Hall and Irwin Hall?  How bout the new toilets in the bathrooms behind the sanctuary?  Wonder who it is that mows the lawn, trims the hedges and makes the roses grow so beautifully?  Chalk it up to the hard working Building and Grounds committee.  They have more challenges than the average person just trying to keep our century old building heated in the winter and drip free in the spring and summer!  If you are handy with tools or an efficient cleaner or just love to fix things, we can give you a job!  So pick up that weed wacker....sling that paintbrush, swab the decks and join us!

If you are interested in renting any of our facilities, please review the Hall Rental Requests webpage.