Chair – Grounds Responsibilities

1.       Schedule rotation of volunteers to cut grass

2.       Maintain lawnmower (operators manual in garage)

·       Purchase gas, gas stabilizer and oil, oil filter as needed (Lowes carries John Deere products)

·       Order parts from John Deere as needed for lawnmower repair

·       Change oil/filter every spring (3 quarts)

3.       Schedule outdoor workdays

·       Spring – clean all flower beds, weed and plant flowers (church memorial grounds fund)

·       Fall – Leaf clean up

4.       Hedge trimming/weeding sidewalks/gardens as needed

5.       Garage cleanout and organize as needed

6.       Winter – schedule snow removal with contractor

·       Purchase salt for walkways – one bucket at each door of the church and garret room entrance

7.       Schedule tree trimming/removal as needed

8.       Fix holes in parking lot and driveway with cold asphalt

9.       Install signs around property - (no parking, handicap, ect.) as needed

10.   Maintain playground

11.   Maintain/purchase tools for grounds maintenance stored in the garage

*Church credit/debit card can be used for grounds purchases – let Mary know approximate amount you are anticipating spending to make sure there is enough on the card.  (FYI: maximum amount on the debit card is $541.00.)  There is a log sheet created so finance knows who has the card.  A Debit Card Expenditure Form, with receipt attached, needs to be filled out and signed and given to Mary to enter into QuickBooks Debit Card Account.

*Church memorial garden fund – obtain receipts for all grounds purchase to maintain the gardens (mulch, flowers). Complete a pink voucher-(note funds to be reimbursed from the memorial garden fund), attach receipts, and give to Mary.