Chair – Music and Worship Responsibilities

The goal of this note is to enumerate the wide variety of activities/duties performed under the umbrella of the Music and Worship Committee.   Since taking this committee over I have realized that the perfect analogy for the committee is:   

The committee is like the production team responsible for executing everything that takes place for a play or musical that the audience does not see, and if successful, does not even think about. 

Here is a list of the things that the committee is responsible for delivering: 

COMMUNION:  The setup of the chancel, (communion table linens candles and paraments) the preparation of the elements of communion -- juice and bread, assigning elders and deacons to serve the elements, as well as the cleanup after the service. 

REGULAR SUNDAY: Setup of the communion table with cross and flowers, seeing to it that Hymnals are in every pew and that papers from the previous service are cleaned up.  Refreshing the many envelopes and other brochures that are placed in the pews.  See to it that appropriate paraments are displayed and the candles are in good order.  Refresh the stock of candles or oil inserts as needed.  

FLOWERS:  Solicit flower orders through bulletin insert, collect the payments, communicate with the florist, arrange the communion table with the brass urns to receive the bouquet(s), see to it that the Deacons know to take the flowers to shut-ins when appropriate, make sure florist has the inserts that fit the urns.  

HOLIDAY FLOWERS:  Solicit flower orders through bulletin insert, collect the payments, communicate with suppliers and arrange delivery, prepare the chancel to accept the flowers and help with the arrangement, set up the Advent wreath or the Lenten wreath with appropriate candles and decorations (i.e.; the draped cross for Holy Week) . Distribute and/or clean up all of the flowers after the holiday. Set up special candles as needed, and see to it that candles with holders are available for Christmas Eve services. 

BANNERS, STAR AND WREATH:  Schedule and coordinate the installation of holiday decorations such as the star for Christmas and the Banner(s) for Easter.  Assist in the installation of the Christmas wreath hung from the tower.   

TECHNOLOGY:  See to it that the service is placed in a format that can be loaded onto the computer for display on the screens.  See to it that there is an operator each Sunday to advance the screen as the service unfolds, maintain the computer, screens and remotes.  See to it that the computer and remotes are properly stored. 

SOUND SYSTEMS:   Make sure the main Public Address (PA) system is working and turned on for the service and that the Pastor’s microphone and handheld microphone have fresh batteries  See that these are secured after the service.  Order batteries for the microphones as needed.  

CHOIRS:  See to it that the Choir Director has the music necessary for the services. Pay for new music as ordered.  Assist in maintaining the choir music library.  Assist the Director of Music in scheduling the various choirs (First Light, Bells, Soloists,) for the Sunday and Holiday Services.   Pay for musicians hired by the Director of Music to supplement the music for special occasions.  See to it that the PA system for First Light is in working order and that the microphones, cables and stands and music stands are in order and ready.  Schedule the Choir Party. 

LECTIONARY READERS:  Recruit/solicit readers and assign them on a schedule to be a reader in the service assisting the pastor.  Establish a system whereby people will find their own substitutes if the schedule does not suit their schedule.  Hold training for newcomers unfamiliar with the process.

GREETERS AND USHERS:   Recruit and assign people to greet at all sanctuary entrances to distribute bulletins and assist people in finding seats.  Ushers will be assigned to take up the collection. 

SUBSTITUTE PASTOR RECRUITMENT On those occasions when the pastor is unable to preside over a Sunday service, (vacation, study leave, illness, etc.) secure a qualified person to officiate.  This person may come from within the congregation or be an outside person.  Make sure that the check to pay this person is cut before the Sunday so that he/she can be paid on the day of the service. 

HOUSEKEEPING: Clean and maintain the three closets assigned to the committee, as well as the storage areas in the church basement where the tower wreath is kept and the Moravian star and other Christmas decorations are kept.