Sermon Outline June 18, 2017


Text:  Genesis 18:1-15; 21:1-7Sarah said, “God has made me laugh!”

Matthew 9:35-10:23Jesus sent out the twelve apostles, saying,

“Take nothing with you.”

I.     Having a baby late in life is often no laughing matter!

A.      Bob and Sally

B.      Abraham and Sarah

           1.      First Sarah laughed from disbelief

2.      The second laugh was from joy

II.                   How many times have you scoffed at the possibilities?

A.      In tough times in our own lives

B.      It applies to the world too!

III.                 But sometimes our heart’s desires are NOT realized

A.      What do we do then as individuals?

B.      And as nations?

C.      Can we trust God with our lives/futures?

IV.                 InMatthew, Jesus sends them out with nothing

A.      We might be filled with fear; hopelessness

B.      Learning “how not to be afraid”

C.      The secret is realizing how much God loves us

V.                   We are LOVED by God—that gives us everything!

A.      Our wants and futures are in God’s hands

B.      God knows our wants….and what’s best!

Sermon Outline June 11, 2017



Text:  John 7:37-39Jesus cried out, “Let anyone who is thirsty come to me.

Out of the believers’ hearts shall flow rivers of living water.” 


I.    H20 of all types    

II.   We love to celebrate holidays

             A.  The great Jewish feasts:  Passover, Pentecost, Tabernacles

             B.  Reminder of 40 years in wilderness—when God provided

             C.  God’s people did not die of thirst; God gives rain

              D.  At the feast’s climax, Jesus shouted, “Let the thirsty come….”


III.  Life flows fromJesus—He satisfies our thirst

     A.  Do our lives reflect that we are followers of Jesus?

     B.  Are we more concerned with worldly interests?


IV.  The River of life flows through every Christian!

     A.  Living as followers brings us joy and peace

     B.  We feel good when we serve!

     C.  Go get someone wet!!!


V.  Here’s the catch—we have to want the water!

     A.  Have you ever been desperately thirsty?

     B.  Thirst is a powerful spiritual symbol

     C.  Psalm 42: “My soul thirsts for the living God”

     D.  We need to desire God as much as breath


VI.  No close relationship with God without thirst for God

     A.  God leads us to water, but does not make us drink

     B.  We choose to drink living water

     C.  If we are spiritually dry, unsatisfied—DRINK!!

     D.  And Jesus will fill us to overflowing