Sermon Outline July 2, 2017

Text:  Genesis 22 -- Abraham said, "God Himself will provide....."

I.  If I'd edited the Bible, this story would be missing

  1. Take your son and sacrifice him....
  2. What kind of God is this?
  3. It's only 22 chapters in, why keep reading?

II.  Story of father and son separated in a tornado

  1. Tragedy can have a happy ending
  2. Out text from Genesis -- story of Abraham and Isaac
  3. If only the story just ended at chapter 21....

III.  Not a bedtime story for kids - OR ADULTS!

  1. Is it the story of Abraham gone bad?
  2. Does it tell us how bad ancient cultures were>
  3. Is it relevant today?  YES
  4. We still sacrifice children on altars of sex, war, race, ....
  5. We MUST do better with our children

IV:  Question:  What kind of God is this?

  1. Real meaning in this:  Abraham's response/faith
  2. Abraham trusts that God will and God does
  3. We are not so quick to say "God will provide"

V.  Jewish theologian Eliezer Berkovita studies

  1. Why did Jews remain faithful in the Holocaust?
  2. The same reason Abraham did
  3. There is no life without God -- we must trust God

VI.  Faith is about trust and love

  1. Sometimes our relationship hurts/bewilders
  2. Margaret Adams Parker's woodcut
  3. Radical trust and the love that will not let us go
  4. Relationship with God is not for the risk-averse