Sermon Outline September 16, 2018



Text:  Proverbs 1:20-33  Wisdom shouts in the streets wherever crowds gather. 

She shouts in the marketplaces and near the city gates.” 


I.  There are voices all around  us—some loud, some in our heads

     A.  Some try to sell us stuff—

     B.  Marketplaces tell us we desperately need everything

     C.  It helps to have someone guide us through unknown vendors


II.  Book of Proverbs—genre of wisdom literature  (Job, Ecclesiastes)

     A.  Cultural leaders:  prophets, priests, wise men

     B.  Wise men aimed to teach what the good life was

     C.  Today’s section of Proverbs:  “Wisdom proclaims a warning”

     D.  Verse 22:  three types of fools

     E.   Verse 23:  “Pay attention—I will help you understand!”


III.  Alas….many of us do not turn to Wisdom/God—that’s foolish

     A.  She tells us life is easier and better when we listen!

     B.  And so we ask:  DO we listen?   Then we ask:  To WHOM?

     C.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell if we listen to God….


IV.  Listening:  spending quiet time…..then with Bible and prayer

     A.  It takes a conscious effort—but it is well worth it!

     B.  Try SPACE FOR GOD—starts September 30

     C.  When we have a familiar helper, life is easier to navigate

     D.  God loves us enough to send Wisdom to be that helper!!