Chair:  Roger Kounga

So what exactly is a tithe anyway?  Ten percent of my gross income?  Ten percent of my net?

How do I begin to give money to the church when I can barely make my own month to month bills already?  Is ten percent actually "giving" to the Lord or is ten percent required and only over and above is actual "giving"?  Do you struggle with those kind of questions?  Well each year we have a stewardship campaign where we lay out our budget for the year and what we feel God is calling us to accomplish and then we attempt to fund that budget.  During the stewardship campaign we talk alot about strategies for giving, the impact to our personal lives, and putting our money where our heart is.  Join us in the conversation and see what God is leading you to do.

Check the Finance and Administration page for details of the current 2019 budget and our progress. Also note we are implementing a new way to give to the church - through on line giving with the website or your own personal smartphone. Click here to get the instructions for on-line giving.